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Little football Stars is a football coaching program with a unique way of teaching football skills to pre-school children (ages 3-6) and their parents.

Little Star Football is a pre-school children ( 3-6 years old) and their parents football teaching plan, using the characteristics of teaching methods.

With parents and their parents learning with a football the culture and the football culture into the home which together is scientifically proven to improve their personal development and motor skills with a football The

Little Star Soccer in Dwyane plans to use children and parents to learn the way to promote the interaction between children and parents, to cultivate parent-child relationship, the football culture to the family. The scientific proof, which can enhance personal development, Promote the skills of football to enhance.

There is a proven link between physical education and intellectual development, and this is something that has long been recognized in Western education systems as an essential part of a child’s development as well as promoting physical health, team spirit and interaction

Sports and intellectual development must be linked, the Western education system has long been the development of sports as a necessary course for children. It promotes physical health, teamwork and interaction.


What are the Benefits of being a Little Football Star?

What are the benefits of participating in Little Star Soccer ?

· Learning football motor skills will improve the ability to concentrate

· The Participate in Football Skills CAN enhances Concentration

· Developing physical health, team spirit and interaction

· The Promote Good Health, Teamwork and social Interaction

· Parents and children who learn together bond more closely

· Parents and Children Learn Together, the Establish More Intimate Emotional Bond

· Learn English in a fun and relaxed environment (Chinese translation is provided where necessary)

· Provide relaxation, fun English learning environment (if necessary, provide Chinese translation)

· Give your child a head start in China’s No. 1 sport through a football program that has been designed by leading UEFA licensed coaches specifically for pre-school children

· At The Plan by at The European Football League Soccer Association or certified Coach Involved in at The Design Excellence, SPECIFICALLY for Preschool Children, SO CAN First Movement NC Joining Module They that in China Football the STEP Ahead of Others Aspects